Seminar: Concurrent Programming with Erlang
Sunday, 27 January 2013

Whenever I have mentioned Erlang to students here, most of them haven’t even heard of such a language. I had given a Seminar on Concurrent Programming in Erlang hoping to get some people interested in this language though I am not aware of anyone working on this after the seminar. I almost convinced one guy but then he found pthreads much easier :(

Anyways the presentation is available online. Click on the full screen button and follow the arrows, the slides are bidirectional.

Also, I might propose a talk/hands-on session on this at FOSSMeet 2013.

PS : Being the Debian fan boy that I am, I have to mention this even though it is irrelevant to the article. We have Mini DebConf at FOSSMeet this year. Now excuse me!

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