Monday, 07 May 2012

Hi, I am Vipin. I am a generalist in the technology field, interested in everything from algorithm design to data visualization. I am a Free software advocate and only use FOSS tools unless absolutely required, one notable exception being Chrome. I run Debian as my primary(only) operating system and will be contributing to Debian this summer as a Google Summer of Code student. I will be developing a web interface to present the data collected by the Team Activity Metrics project. More on this later :)

After a brief stint with tumblr and wordpress I have finally found a good blogging tool where I am in complete control of every minute detail of my blog and which fits in my workflow perfectly. I am not a ruby guy, which is probably one of the reasons why I had not tried Jekyll earlier but when Jaseem started his blog on github, it looked great and I ventured in. The design of this blog is inspired by those of Jaseem Abid and Dustin Curtis and I do recommend that you read them, they have some great articles.

If you are getting started with Jekyll, the best way to do so would be by reading some existing open source code, assuming you have a top level overview of how things work. Read the documentation if you can’t figure it out yourself. Trust me, the hacker in you will love it :)

Blogs are great place to learn new stuff and whenever I am stuck, a quick search does lead me to articles lucidly explaining stuff I am looking for and I do think I can contribute to this learning process by writing articles that could benefit someone. Do share it if you find it good, I certainly do not mind getting slashdotted! Having said that, if you find flaws in my writings please do drop in a line as a comment or reach me on twitter. Do not flame me, educate me. I’ll learn something new and your karma gets a boost :)

Happy Hacking!

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