Hacker at heart, starting over
Saturday, 05 October 2013

We learn to code by actually writing code and we did it because we enjoyed it. Now it is my day job and I get to do it a lot more. The only difference being its a lot more Java now.

Jaseem and I have decided to take up a pet project of ours and finish it in a week. Jaseem is writing Conway’s Game of Life in Elisp and I will be implementing a single player AI powered Reversi game in Erlang.

I have been learning and writing Erlang for some time now it is something I enjoy. I believe actor model is one of the best ways to express concurrency primitives and the functional way of things is beautiful in itself, but I digress.

Back in college we used to write code because it was something we enjoyed. Now there is not much that I write, apart from what I do at my day job, and this is an exercise in bringing those glory days back.

Now read about this in his words.

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